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Grow your audience

Attract non-native speakers & language learners. Our karaoke-style text assists and attracts a wider-audience.

Engage your audience

Interactive content engages users over 79% more than static text. (source: Ion Interactive)
Non-native speakers will be even more engaged.

Add 'missing parts'

Add text (transcript) to audio/videos:
Same language or human/machine translations.
Add voice/audio to static text:
Human or synthesized voices.

Differentiate from your competition

Expand your offering and reach new markets before others.

Stand-out with interactive text + audio/video.

Couple interactive text with audio/video to provide users with easy 'seek' access, as well as word/content look-up opportunities, such as linking to other content on your site.

Make your content more accessible

Adding audio, video, or text to your content makes it more accessible to users with auditory or visual impairments.

About A Language Project

A Language Project is a platform for creating and managing interactive text and translations, which are used to aid non-native speakers and language learners.

Our platform is embedded in flows and websites serving various markets and we're waiting to see how we can help you and your audiences.

Get In Touch

Reach out for a demo of our technology, or to hear updates about new feature releases.